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Recent: Noel Wedding

Saturday, May 6th, 2017, my sister and I had the pleasure of photographing Courtney and William Noel’s wedding. The day started out dreary. It rained all morning, right up until the ceremony. And it was FREEZING. I knew I should’ve worn my boots.

We started out at Courtney’s house about 10 minutes away from the wedding site. We got some snapshots of the rings and Courtney getting her dress on. (Which was gorgeous!)

After about 45 minutes we’re all told to head to the ceremony site. Well, I know nothing about Rogersville, so I decide to follow Courtney’s dad. Apparently his GPS was giving him trouble and took him in the wrong direction. At one point he pulled off somewhere and I completely lost him. Amber, my sister, and I are freaking out.

But after turning around and using our brains, we make it. It was gorgeous.

When we get there it’s still sprinkling a bit. After a few minutes we learn that the bride’s dad is lost, so we work on shooting the decor and reception area. The amount of work and detail they put into their wedding was amazing. It fit Courtney and William’s personalities perfectly. (Also, the food was fantastic.)

Finally the sun pops out and it’s time to start the ceremony. Clouds were still out for the most part, but it was a beautiful overcast. The amazing thing was, just as the couple was exchanging rings, the sun pops out and it was heavenly. The sun shined the rest of the day. The ceremony was short and sweet. Everyone spoke for a bit and got some pictures in, then transitioned straight to the reception.

The rest of the day was filled with partying, dancing, and from what I saw, a lot of shots. Unfortunately, we had to turn ours down because we were working. I did see Amber eyeing a big bottle of wine though. I seriously thought she was going to steal it before we left.

It was one of the most fun weddings I’ve been to. Everyone was laid back and ready to have a good time, and they did.

At the beginning of the day when it was pouring down rain I was worried sick that these photos wouldn’t turn out well. I thought to myself, “Great, this is going to be horrible. I’m going to get an awful review, and never get business again.” But just like life does, the whole day turned around right before our eyes.

Moral of the story: The rain stops. The sun always comes out eventually. Wait for it.

Courtney & William, enjoy this sneak peek, and welcome to your happily ever after!


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