My dad surprised me with a camera on my 10th birthday. I’ve had a camera in my hand ever since. I started off chasing cattle on my grandparents’ farm, squatting between cow pies, just to get the perfect shot. In middle school I would sit with my puppies for hours to get close-ups of their wet noses and sloppy tongues. High school was where my passion peaked. People finally started to notice how good I was, and that it wasn’t just a small hobby.

I took photos for the yearbook. And I was the girl that always had her camera with her during homecoming. Senior year of high school I started applying to colleges and, I landed a Fine Arts scholarship in the Photography department at King University. Though I wound up dropping out of college, my skills have gotten stronger. And my photography career has become the backbone to my finance budget.

Though it is a major source of my income, photography isn’t just about money to me. In a way, I can still connect with my father through my pictures. He’s the one that got me started. He ignited my passion. And I can never thank him enough for that. Photography is my way of communication and expression. It’s how I tell my story.

Now let me capture yours.

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